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Tom & Sherry in the Morning

What a great couple we had on board the Late Again this weekend. Tommy & Sherry Martin from Greensboro joined us on a 3/4 day trip looking for Kings, (us and 435 more boats that were fishing the US Open King Mackerel Tournament).

We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise as we began our day and the seas were very nice as well. The fishing however was quite demanding. Due to the recent visit by Hurricane Florence the Ocean was terribly dirty from all of the silt and fresh water that had flowed out of our flooded rivers throughout North Carolina in the ocean. The term "looking like coffee" was used by a lot of fisherman.

We were unable to find our targeted species but we did manage a few sharks and a false albacore which provided some action for our guests. I hope they had as good a time with us as we did with them. They were a true pleasure to meet and get to know.

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