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A Bunch of Fun and Some Fishing Too

To say yesterday was fun for me would be an understatement. Had three experienced anglers on board the "Late Again" which made my job that much more enjoyable. We left Myrtle Beach Yacht Club at 6:30 for what we thought would be an easy 16 mile run for our first stop. The seas were still a bit stirred up from the day before which made the first leg a bit uncomfortable but not too bad. Water was really cloudy and dark but we decided we would give a try. After a bit of trolling with not even a sniff we decided to push offshore and try to find some cleaner water.

By this time the seas and become more settled and there was a really nice swell forming which made this short trip much better. As we approached our next destination I saw several other boats so figured this is where this fish were located. Lines in and sure enough we get our strike but it was short and missed that one. Never fear, in just a few minutes another strike and this one comes tight and in the box in short order. Trolled around this spot several times picking up four juvenile kings for the guys on board. The big excitement of the day came just before noon when a top water bait gets crashed and begins peeling of line. Unfortunately, Mr. Sailfish was gone as quickly as he arrived.

The bite cooled off shortly after and by that time the seas had gone flat. Made another run to a little deeper hole where we saw a few flying fish and a couple of peanut mahi free jumping but no love on the baits we presented. Decided to call it a somewhat early day and headed the Grady White for the hill at a very comfortable 36 mph.

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