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Sometimes It Just Aint Your Day

Unfortunately, this saw the most action on today's charter. And not in a good way. Read on.

Had a charter of three today on what we knew would be some significant seas starting out but was confident that the swell would flatten out as the morning progressed.

Met the crew at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club at 6:15 am. We discussed once more as we did the evening prior, that it would be a bit tricky on the way out but should get better as the day went on. The decision was made to push on off and go for it. Took just about an hour and a half to travel the 25 miles offshore to our first trolling spot. Seas were not huge but were very steep which made maintaining any speed at all uncomfortable. As I slowed to start setting lines, one of the crew headed straight for the gunnels with a pretty good case of mal de mar, #seasickness.

Started setting lines shortly after 8:00 and had our first screamer as the last line was set. Unfortunately, this one came undone in short order. No worries, reset, and in no time, strike numbers two and three came in the next 30 to 45 minutes. Again, no love on these either.

By this time, the ill passenger was not doing too well. After the crew discussed among themselves, the hard decision was made to return to the dock. Hence, the bucket photo. Parked the bucket under the chin of the ill passenger and headed home. Of course, by this time the seas had started to subside and we cruised in easily at 26 knots and back at the dock by 11:00 am.

This is most definitely not the way you want to finish a charter.

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