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Wahoo on a short day

Had some of our favorites charter us again this weekend. Tommy & Sherry Martin along with their guests Janice and Sherry. That's right, two Sherry's onboard today.

Headed out of Myrtle Beach Yacht Club at 7:00 heading to Christina's Ledge to try and catch some kings. Lines in around 8:30 and action came right away and hooked up by 9:00. Cleared lines and the chase was on before this thing spooled our Penn 4/0. After a great 30 minute fight and an exhausted angler, this 66 lb wahoo was boatside and headed for the WAY TOO SMALL Igloo cooler. Super proud of our angler who moments before the strike, was feeling the affects of the ocean herself. She hung in their with the best of them throughout the catch.

The seas were quite turbulant that morning and we had two anglers feeling ill by the time we got to the fishing grounds. One quite serious. The decision was made to return to shore for the safety of the ill pasengers.

Warning: Pic Heavy

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