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Gulfstream Charter...Maybe Not

The weatherman said today was not the day to go offshore to the stream. Did we listen...No. We were fortunate to have seaworthy guests today who said "let's just go and see what we can do", and we did just that. Departed Myrtle Beach Yacht Club about 5:45 am to cloudy skies which made for a beatiful sunrise. Shortly after clearing Little River Inlet we knew that the Gulfstream would have to wait for another day. Adjusted our plans and headed about 20 miles offshore in someNow on to the Jolly Mon Tournament next weekend. big swells and choppy seas.

Once on the fishing grounds, it didn't take long for the action to start. Lost the first couple strikes and then had some good hook-ups that produced a good class of fish over the rail. There were times when the bite would slow but action was good enough to keep us there until we decided we needed to beat the rain clouds that were forming back to shore. We came close but ran into a downpour about a 1/2 mile from the marina. With foul weather gear on we fileted and steaked a little over 40 pounds of fresh King and Spanish Mackeral for our guests.

Thanks to our guests, the Thompson family (Rusty, Kellie, Austin and Rusty's sister Carol), for hanging tough today and making the best of the weather. It was a blast.

Now on to the Jolly Mon Tournament next weekend.

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