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Gulfstream Bound

Had the pleasure of having these four guys with us for two days this week. On Wednesday we headed about 88 miles offshore on slick calm waters looking for mahi, tuna and wahoo. Started trolling in 150' of water out to 800' of water and just could find the warm water. Found out later in the day that the warm water was another 16 miles way at 1100'. We did however, have some beautiful blue water, a couple of large sea turtles, several porpoises and a couple of huge hammerhead sharks to go along with our lone mahi we picked up. It was one of those days where 50 more gallons of fuel would have been really nice. You just cant carry but so much.

The second day brought with it a much different seastate. Much more windy and choppy this day. Headed out about 30 miles to a spot that I have bottomed fished before with great results hoping for the same today. Lines in and it was immediate action. Caught several different species including grunts, porgy's, sea bass and of course sharks. Made a couple more moves through the day trying to out fish the sharks and was able to get a back full of filets for the guys to take back to Pennsylvania with them.

Thank you Wade Snyder for booking with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did on these two days. It was a reel pleasure have you, Pep, Butch and Ziggy around for a couple of days. We hope to see you again someday.

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